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We hope this is the last time you need to search for “welding services near me” ever again! We have cultivated a wide variety of services over the years to ensure we are prepared for any project that comes through the door. Take a look through our website and find out how Welding Las Vegas can help you on your next welding project.

"Welding Las Vegas was super chill to work with. They were always helpful and nice throughout the whole thing. It was really good talking to them. They had a lot of experience and knowledge to share!" - Cameron Foster

Welding Services In Las Vegas

We offer a full line of welding services. We have been known for providing some of the best aluminum welding Las Vegas but it does not stop there. We have many welding contractors ready for custom fabrication in the shop or structural welding in the middle of the desert. No matter the situation we have a proficient welder ready for the job. Take a look at a few of our premier welding services.

Welding Repair

We understand that accidents happen and equipment gets damaged. That is when you need the best welder Las Vegas has to repair your heavy equipment or structures. We have repaired everything from 10 ton trailers to bike racks. Our welders have the skills and knowledge to provide quality and life long welding repairs for your equipment.

Residential Welding

When you need “mobile welders near me,” Welding Las Vegas is only a phone call away. No matter where you live in or near the Las Vegas area we can provide residential welding services. There is no job too small for us, if you have various welding odd jobs around the house we will be at your doorstep in no time!

Commercial Welding

The city is rapidly expanding and with this brings large and oftentimes unique buildings. That is where we step up to provide high quality commercial welding contractors. When you need a company you can count on to provide high quality work and always stay within schedule you call Welding Las Vegas. Our bids are always accurate and we do everything we can to stay within our proposed budget.

Metal Fabrication

All of our welders have years of experience with custom metal fabrication. When people need “metal fabrication near me,” our name is at the top of the list. We are able to take any drawings you have and turn them into life. We have provided many handrail fabrication jobs to the city of Las Vegas over the years and thoroughly enjoy the challenge each project brings forward. You can count on Welding Las Vegas to provide the highest quality metal fabrication for any job you send our way.

Mobile Welding Services

We are excited to expand our welding services into the mobile welding sector. Over the last couple years we have steadily grown our mobile welding Las Vegas. We have a fleet of welding trucks fully equipped for any job out in the field. Our welders have years of experience dealing with the elements on the job site, but that has never deterred us from providing excellent service and care. The next time you are out at your job site or in your manufacturing facility consider Welding Las Vegas for all of your fabrication needs.

About Welding Las Vegas

We appreciate you taking the time out of your day to inquire about our welding services. Our Las Vegas welder shop has many of the best welders in the area and we have proven this time and time again with our high standards and product output. A lot of other welding companies in Las Vegas NV cannot provide the number of services we do, and often sacrifice higher quality for faster product output. But here at Welding Las Vegas, we never cut corners or rush a job out the door. Our welding shop is synonymous with “attention to detail” so do not bother searching for “welding companies near me,” because you have already found the last shop you will ever need!

When you need the best custom metal fabrication Las Vegas has to offer you come to us. Our welders have decades of combined experience and have been certified in a variety of welding processes. If you want to find out what the best welding service in Las Vegas is like, give us a call for a free estimate!

Why Choose Welding Las Vegas?

We are one of the premier welding shops in Las Vegas. We have been providing high quality welding and fabrication to the area for many years. We have a lineup of professional welders that have seen their fair share of difficult welding projects, but that never stopped them from providing the same top notch work we always do. Our welders are all proficient with some of the following processes:

  • Aluminum Welding. We have completed a number of custom welding jobs or aluminum repairs including ATV frames, commercial handrails, and boat rails
  • Pipe Welding. Many of our welders have their 6G unlimited thickness pipe welding certification so they can handle anything!
  • Arc Welding. For those hard to reach places or the rusty farm equipment, most of our welders are 3G and 4G certified for arc welding applications. They have seen a thing or two!

These are just a few examples of the variety of work we can provide from our shop. We rely on our Las Vegas residents to support us to continue being a thriving business, so we have always made customer service our number one priority. If for some reason the fabricating or welding services we provide you do not meet your expectations we will gladly fix it until it does. We strive to hold our own shop standards to ensure the end product always meets your standards. If you want to find out what the celebrity treatment is like for EVERY customer at Welding Las Vegas, do not hesitate to submit our hassle free request for a quote form on our website to receive a free estimate today.

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When you need the best welder Las Vegas has to offer, look no further than Welding Las Vegas. Where other welding companies in Las Vegas lack in quality, we always step up to the plate to ensure you receive the best product or job possible. Our Las Vegas Welding shop has been supplying the highest rated welding for many years and we can attribute that to our dedication to high product standards.

As we mentioned earlier, our welders have dozens of combined certifications to back up their welding proficiencies. Some of the equipment they are proficient with include:

  • MIG Welder (Metal Inert Gas) . Most of our welding consists of MIG welding (also known as wire feed). This is the quickest welding process and allows speedy yet quality welds. Many of our welders are 3G and 4G certified with this welding process.
  • TIG Welder (Tungsten Inert Gas). TIG welding is the most difficult welding process and requires a lot of precision. We typically save this process for ornate welding fabrication projects due to the lack of flux it is the cleanest welding process. Many of our welders have their 6G pipe welding certification using this process.
  • Stick Welder. A stick welder is the true down and dirty “weld through anything” welding process. Commonly known as the “farmer welder” , stick welding is great for all of our mobile welding services that are in dirty or inconvenient job sites.
  • Spot Welder. We do not use this process as often, but our welders have a lot of experience using this weld process. We have several sheet metal projects that come through where a spot welder is an excellent tool.

No longer do you have to worry about “welding shops near me,” because we have the proficiencies and experience to help you on any welding project! Our Las Vegas metal fabrication shop has been serving the community for years and because we are so thankful for all that the residents have done for us we try to give back any way we can. We continue to be involved with the community and donate our time and resources to many of the non profit organizations in the city. Give us a call today or stop by the shop to see what it is like to receive the best customer service and highest quality welding services from Welding Las Vegas.

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What to Expect From Our Las Vegas Welders

We have mentioned that we provide the most welding services Las Vegas has to offer. We have also alluded to having the highest product standards for any Las Vegas metal fabrication shop. Our reputation precedes us, our customers keep coming back for our quality welding services because we continually provide the highest standards of welding out there. When people need welding Las Vegas NV, they call Welding Las Vegas.

Aside from producing the highest quality welding projects and jobs, we do our best to provide exemplary customer service every single time. Your satisfaction is our number one priority and we will do anything in our power to make sure that happens. The transaction between customer and our shop is quite simple, a typical interaction is as follows:

  • You request a quote for welding services from one of our professional welders.
  • We analyze your drawings or interpret your online submission and sketch up a fair estimate to the best of our abilities.
  • After you approve the costs for parts and labor for your project we get to work!
  • There is significant prep time involved in the fabrication process. Our metal fabricators need to cut various sections of pipe, tube, or plate metal to prep for welding. After the sections are cut, any various holes are then drilled or tapped.
  • The welder then grinds or sands the expected weld surfaces to remove any dirt, grime, or mill scale.
  • Once all of the sections are prepped, they begin welding.
  • Depending on the sections, this takes significant effort to “mount” the sections in a fashion that allows the welder to get deep penetration in the weld while also holding your drawing specifications true.
  • After the part is all welded up, we have you inspect the part and ensure it meets your specifications (we have a two stage quality assurance system that verifies this for every part we make)
  • If acceptable we send it off to paint, if applicable.

We always make sure to keep you updated throughout the process so there are no surprises. The process for field work is very similar, and we work diligently to keep the same flow in and out of the shop. So if you are sick of searching for “welding near me” then give us a call and find out how we can help you on your next welding job.

About Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas, the city of sin, is quite possibly the most well known city in the United States. Sitting at a staggering 650,000 residents nestled within only 141 square miles Las Vegas has earned its place as the 28th most populous city in the United States. Aside from the obvious attractions at the Las Vegas strip, there are actually a lot of desirable locations off the strip. The outdoorsy type of people thrive off the strip of Las Vegas with the Red Rock Canyon overlooking the city, it has many hiking trails even some not for the faint of heart. Just a few hours away, the Grand Canyon awaits thousands of tourists a year. There are many companies that offer bus rides to the Grand Canyon as well if you do not feel like driving. Even closer is the world famous Hoover Dam which peaks at 726 feet tall and took nearly 5 years to complete. Settled at the bottom of Nevada in the middle of the desert there are not many nearby cities that offer much, but some of them include:

  • Henderson, NV
  • Paradise, NV
  • Enterprise, NV
  • Summerlin South, NV
  • Boulder City, NV
  • Blue Diamond, NV
  • Sloan, NV
  • Many other surrounding areas

Welding And Fabrication Frequently Asked Questions

What does a welder do?

Many people consider a welder just a welder. But they truly do a lot more than just fuse two pieces of metal together. These people are steel fabricators and use precise techniques to create a pile of metal into a piece of art. They are cutting, drilling, welding, measuring, fabricating etc.

How much does it cost to get something welded?

Contact us today to get a quote since every welding job has different requirements. Will will provide a free quote.

How do I become a welder in Las Vegas?

There are a few options. The College Of Southern Nevada offers both a 1 year training program that helps prepare yourself for entry level welding jobs. They also offer a 2 year associate's degree “Welding Technology Certificate of Achievement.” Both programs do an excellent job in preparing you to become welding certified. In the end the best way to become a welder is to just practice and spend hours upon hours in a booth.

What is metal fabrication?

Metal fabrication is when you do welding, cutting, torching, and grinding pieces of metal together in the welding industry.

I was in the area dirt biking and snapped my rear swing arm. I searched welders near me to find a shop for a quick patch so I could get on the road and just like everything else in Vegas I expected to pay a lot. I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable the fix was. Went riding the next day and it held up just fine. Thanks guys!

Kenneth K.

You never know what to expect in Vegas. But all I can say is wow. I had a custom gun rack designed and fabricated by this shop and it was way beyond what I expected. I will not bother going to any other shops anymore.

Grant Romano

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We have been providing the best metal fabrication Las Vegas has to offer for many years and have enjoyed every single year of it. We are thankful for all of the resounding support we have received from the community that has allowed us to grow to the company we are today. By upholding high quality standards and providing the best welding contractors Las Vegas NV has, we have cemented ourselves as a very reputable shop.

We understand that time and money is always a factor in this industry. That is why at Welding Las Vegas we do our best to provide the most affordable fair options possible and our professional welders let their skills do the talking when it comes to speed of product output. We love seeing new and returning customers and always welcome a challenge. If you have a welding project coming up, reach out to us as soon as you can because our schedules fill up quickly. We look forward to providing you with the best welding services you have ever received!

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